Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Fall survival guide

" Fall shows us how beautiful it is to let things go "

It's getting colder, the trees are dying. 
You can buy pumpkins, wear cozy swathers, eat pumpkin bread, drink tea and hot chocolate. 
Go on a fall walk and collect leaves and chestnuts that are falling from the trees. 
Or you can fly a kite. 
Search for hedgehogs and squirrels. 
Sit under a blanket, read books and hear the raindrops falling on your window. 
Trees in beautiful colors like red, orange, yellow and brown, the leaves changing their colors. 
Decor your room and burn nice smelling candles. 
Do bonfires and roast marshmallows. 
Or do long movie nights with friends and snacks. 
Buy fall clothes like boots or coats. 
Try new fall recipes or bake a cake, maybe with a friend or with your mom. 
Do fall DIY's and wear scarves. 
Try pumpkin recipes or crave them.
 Make a picnic in the park or have a fall photoshoot. 
Go on a bike ride and jump in leaf piles. 
Watch the sunset and create a fall scrapbook. 
Burn some new candles and do a random act of kindness. 
Go shopping or put together a large puzzle.
Take a bath with a fall bath bomb.
Try new fall outfits and combinations.
Bake cookies and go to a fair.
Enjoy fall.

For all the people (included me) that are sad because summer is over, look at all the positive things that fall have and what you can do. I think we will survive it :)

Always see the good guys!

What do you love most about fall?

See you at my next post ♡,

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