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What I got for Christmas'16🎄🎁+a few informations

Hellouu😘 and welcome back to a new post! First i wish y'all a happy new year 2k17 and hope you have a great Party🎊🎉✨! I already posted it on my Instagram story, but i wanna say it officially on my Blog.

I know, i said that i will post Christmas-Posts but i can't logg in my blog ( it rhymes😂 ) on my Mac and i must write posts on my phone ( what isn't so comfortable ) until i can't do it on my MacBook. I will find a solution for this problem soon.

Back to the rules, today i will show you "what i got for Christmas", and i think that this will be the only Christmas-post this year😂😁. Except that i do a winter/Christmas favourites post. But that isn't a kind of really Christmas-post. I don't wanna boast whit my presents or kind of that. I just like to read that kind of post or watch this videos on YouTube. Maybe you can get a little inspiration what you want to get for your birthday or sth like that.I also get money and sweets but i don't show you that.

And a little information by the way, i will be more focused on FashionTravel and Lifestyle on my Blog. So this are the themes  my blog is mainly about. But I can also do something different when you want, tell me in the comments😄.

My first Present is from my Best Friend😍. The Book was a wish, the other things were a surprise🎉. In the little jar are lil pieces of paper with messeges for every day✨💕( it's a DIY, she do it herself). The book is the forth part of a series. The English title is " My great sucess failured".I have all parts now and i like the books very much. And i got a lil monster rubber which is very fluffy and cute🌸.

These are presents from my parents. The book is the third part of the book series "Girl online" which is written from Zoe Sugg aka Zoella on YouTube. This books are my fav. books ever. I am really excited to read this book, and i can give you a result to this two books that i got when you want💕( tell me in the comments ). Then a present i literally got in the summer holidays is the bose sound link mini 2 soundbox which is brilliant💎. I took it at the beach and it made very much fun there. Now it's also making very much fun. It is so little but it sounds like it is the biggest soundbox of the world!And i also got this fluffy things ( i don't now how people call it ) you can clip at your bag. I see many people wearing it and i like them very much.( Btw i also give it to my Best Friend for Christmas ).

The next present from my Grandma is a game which is called Scrabble. I play the game a bit and it really makes Fun! You must take random letters and make words with them. I also get this cute little Christmas-sheep from my uncle and aunt ( i got also money and sweets from them).

Also from my parents i got this movies.I love to watch new movies i never seen. I only see Madagascar 2. The others ( Penguins of Madagascar and the 2 Muppet movies) I never watch and i'm very excited to watch them.I think 2k17 i will watch very much movies 'cause at the Christmas time i watch more then 10 movies and only at Silvester i watch all 3 parts of ToyStory!In the past I don't watch so many movies because i wasn't always in "movie-watch-mood".But now i can watch them 24/7. I think this will be a resolution for the New year: to watch more movies!


The last presents are from my other Bae.A showergel from Original Source "Hibiscus and Pomegranate Tea" which smells freaking good😂. A hand cream from treaclemoon "the raspberry kiss" which is with raspberry Almondolil and Dragonfruit/Pitahaya. When i see that sth is with Pitahaya it must be good, but it smells👌. Then a lipbalm (labello) which is from the neon colors edition. This is neon orange🍊. And ✌️ hairmasks, one is with Arganoil and the other one is with Cherryblossom🌸. And the last is hanging on the Christmastree🎄. It is a rosgold-white candystick you can hang on your 🎄.I like rosegold so i like it too.😊

Soooooo,that was all ! Write in the comments what you got for Christmas, what you think about my blog themes I'm more focused at, should i do a result to the books and films i got and how your Silvester party was. And a very important resolution for the new year for me is to do more Blogposts! I try to do weekly posts. I hope i can manage it!😁
I hope y'all have a good start in the new year!✨ Bye and see you at my next post! ( i hope soon😊 ) 💋✨💕,

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