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Look Back 2k16 // Story of my blog // 1st B-day // Best of 2k16

Hello guys♡, and welcome back to a new post!  Today I will tell you a little Story of my Blog and show you a little "Look back" and Best of 2k16. And as you maybe can see my blog became 1 year old today!    

Today, 1 Year ago, at the 8 January, 2016 all started.


A little pre-story, at Christmas´15 I got 2 books: the two parts of "Girl Online". I often show them on my blog.The books are mainly about a girl  (Penny) which have a blog (by the way, these are my favorite books🌸). 

And I thought, I can start a blog too because already as a small kid I love to write stories and books and a blog is something similary. I also love Fashion and Travel, now I make it to my "blogthemes". And I also love to take pictures! First I write in Google "how I can create a blog". So I write "Blogspot" or "Blogger" in Google, click on it and click at the "create a new blog" button. Next step: give it a name. Easy peasy lemon squeezy🍋, my blog will be called WikiKiwi. I think it up a while before my blog started. And why? First, with the letters " W I K I " you can form " K I W I" and second i like the fruit very much so why not! (btw, i`m very sad that there isn`t a kiwi Emoji ☹️) So I create my blog, and write my first blogpost which is still on my Blog! It`s a bit funny when i read it today 😊😂. So I write my next posts and I see, it really makes fun. And it`s still making fun. I got a few follower and very nice and lovely comments, what I am also very happy and thankful about to you guys. On some Months I posted nothing, on some a lot. And then, after/at the Summer holidays I posted nothing. A half year later I posted a real blogpost. It was my last Post:   "What I got for Christmas" . A Month before my last post, I posted just a little information post. And why I didn`t post something? I have very much school stuff to do and didn`t have many time. I write a blogpost in the Fall-holidays, but in never write it till the end. But now, as you maybe can see, I post blogposts weekly every Sunday. So I write my last post because I have Christmas holidays and much time now.So, this was my little Story about my Blog. Now I gonna do a little Look Back to 2k16. It`s personal but also about my blog.


January I started my blog. The right picture was my 1st blog logo. I remember, it was a really  relaxed Month, we write no Tests because soon came the 1st semester (I don`t now if i can say it so in English😂). So I had much time for myself and I could do things like drawing and so on. At the left picture you can see an elephant that I drew. I posted many blogpost because I have a lot of time. I think that Month was very nice because I started my blog, what was very exciting for me. I was very creative and think up many themes for my posts in the future.

February was very stressful, because it was the start of the second semester (I still don`t now if I can say it so in English😂). I write many exams, so I could`t find any time for my blog. In the right picture you can see the beautiful sky. I was sitting in my room and suddenly I see how beautiful the sky was and take a picture of it. On the left picture you see me (right), and my friend (left). We were at a class trip (it was 2 minutes from our school away😂), and we take a selfie. We really had snow in our hair because it snowed a bit. 

March was also relaxed. I was at the Sealife in Hannover, the three pictures on the top were taken there. On the 1st picture you can see me standing next to a stone-crocodile (i very like how it looks), on the 2nd a real crocodile and on the third a fish. It was cool there because i could see many beautiful animals. And on the fourth picture as you maybe can see, I was at Starbucks with my Bae.

April was very cool because it was warm and............... i had Birthday at the 21st! I spend the day with my Bae and we just chilled all the time😂.But it was cool. The selfie we take was on my B-day (me:left, my Friend:right), also the very left picture and the head picture on the right side I take at my B-day. The picture between the 2 I take at my B-day I also show you at my Blog, the name of the post is My really first spring day (when you klick at it you can see the post). It was the very first warm ☀️ day in the whole year and.I go outside and made a little spring-trip and take a lot of photos.


This photos I also show you on my Blog. The 1st three at this post:OOTD: Spring feeling, and the last at this post:         Look back my week #2. I think April was a very cool month, because the most time I was outdoor and it was warm. I also posted many blogposts because school was easy-going and I had much time.  

May was also very cool but also very busy. At Pentecost I was the first time in Darmstadt/Frankfurt by my  Best Friend, I see her again after 8 months because she lives 486 km away from me (unfortunately😥). But we have a great day/time in Frankfurt. I also posted a Blogpost about it: Darmstadt & Frankfurt am Main I Impressions. We were in the city where the 1 photo was taken. In the 2nd picture you can see a very colorful train. In the big picture on the left side you can see me standing in front of a big/high building. In the lower left photo you can see the bridge we cross to the other side. We had a beautiful view on it. And on the last picture you can see....... yass we were at Starbucks. And I must post it on snapchat with a Frankfurt filter (travel freak😂). But it was amazing there! 

The first picture is also from Starbucks in Frankfurt. You can see me and my Friend (the flower face😂🌸). The other pictures are from Darmstadt. On the first you can see my legs and a little bit of my Flower-Face Bae😂. But you can see a lil bit of my Outfit. On the next picture again, me and my Flower-Face Bae. And on the last picture you can see the "Five finger tower" of Darmstadt. I don`t post any blogposts because i had many school stuff to do.But I think May was a very exciting month because I collect many Impressions and memories.

June was more easy-going. In the 1st picture you can see me standing in the sun. The lower right photo is also from that day. I was "shooting" for a blogpost, but I never write/poste one about that outfit. But when you want I can do it! ( write in the comments pls ♡ ). Over that you can see a picture with ice cream. At some days it was hot, but usually not. Then on the lower left picture you can see...... i was at Starbucks again with my Bae. It was last day of school before the summer holidays and we thought we can go a little bit shopping and go to Starbucks and so on. It was a very funny but also cool and warm day. In the last photo you can see a picture of Los Angeles that I draw. The summer holidays began. I don`t know why I just posted one Blogpost. But I think June was easy-going.

July, the middle of the summer holidays. I was in many cities. I write a Blogpost about it at the fall holidays, but I never write it till the end. Tell me if I should. In the 1st picture you can see the sun comming down. I took this picture in Szczecin (Poland) by my family. Also the Starbucks photo was taken there. And 1st time someone write my name right at a Starbucks cup! Because in Germany  they write "Viktoria" or "Victoria". And my name is Wiktoria. Yass, story of my life😂. But back to the rules. The name of the drink was "Strawberry and Cream", I remember, it was very very tasty. The next picture of me was taken at home in my grandma`s garden. I was there like every day in the summer holidays when it was warm and i were at home. The next picture i took when we drive through Berlin. It was my first time there (not really because we just drive through it, but I see many things like the TV tower you can see on the picture). Yeah, like I say, you can see the TV tower of Berlin.      The last Picture was also taken in poland at the beach, the village is called: Międzywodzie. It was a really cool day at the beach. I also swam in the sea.

I was also at the 1st concert in my life. It was a concert of Simply Red in Dresden. And it was also my first time in Dresden. I really like that city, but we were there just a few hours and the most time in the night. But it was very cool there. In the first picture you can see Dresden in the night. In the second photo you can see me showing a ♡. Then you can see Mick Hucknall, the singer of the band. And in the last photo you can see also me. It was a very cool concert and a very cool night. I think July was a very exciting month, because I was in many different cities and I collect many memories and Impressions.                                                                       I don`t post any blogposts because i have no time because i was so often on the way and drives a lot with the car.

August, the school starts. It was ,including September, the hottest month in the year. And then the school started, very nice (not). But it was very warm, and I was very happy about it. In the first biggest picture you can see me snapping in my Grandma`s garden (btw, you can add me on snapchat, my name is : wikikiwiana. I snap very often:D). The day was very hot, so i spend it outside. The other pictures are taken at an American Car exhibition. I was there with my dad. I the 2nd photo you can see me sitting in front of a palm. In the next picture you can see a little bit of me, because I take a picture of the sign of a New Yorker. Then you can see an american schoolbus, and at the last picture you can see a car that looks a little bit like the bad mobil from Badman😂. I also posted nothing because the school starts and I was very busy with school stuff and so on.

September was also very hot. I was often outside. In the first picture you can see a selfie of me. Then you can see 3 photos of my grandma`s cute turtle🐢. And at the last 2 pictures  you can see the sky, and at the one on the top you can also see a river. September was also a little bit busy and thats also why I didn`t post anything.

October was very cool because I see my Flower-Face Bae again! You can see us in the lower 2 pictures. At the 1st we were at the Christmas market and at the 2nd we were at the river. At the 1st picture at the top you can see a screenshot, because Anna Maria Damm follow add me on Snapchat! Maybe you know her. It is very special because she have maybe 500.000 subscribers on YouTube! I was a little bit surprised, no, okay, I was very surprised! At the next picture you can see a squirrel🐿, I saw it and take a picture of it. And at the last picture you can see two stone/mosaik lizards. I take this picture at the same day like the pictures with my Bae and me. I think this month was very cool because I see my Best Friend again♡. I really don`t know why i don`t post any Blogposts. I forgot a bit about my blog.

November was very unspecial. I draw a bit, as you can see in the 1st picture. I also post nothing on my blog because i forgot about it like in the last months. In the 2nd picture you can see a Oreo. It is a little bit special because it have heart♡. Yass. I think November was a unspecial and a little bit busy month.

And the last month, December. It was very busy, but then the Christmas holidays came. At the 1st picture you can see the sun goes down. In the next you can see the best nine of my instagram pictures. The next picture is a collage I also use it on my blog as my "That`s me" photo. Then you can see that we (my mother and me) bake Christmas cookies.           At the next picture you can see our Christmas tree, but it wasn`t ready as I took this picture. And at the last picture you can see that i draw again a little bit.

And here you can see only Silvester-pictures. Yass, I celebrate at home. This pictures are all from my Instagram story.

So, that was all! I think 2016 was a very exciting but also busy year. How was your year? Write it in the comments! And also write in the comments if I should post the post about my outfit (from June). Hope you had a nice day, bye and see you at my next post next Sunday! 💋

P.S: I am posting Blogpost weekly every Sunday!


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